2 July 2011

Interrail Checklist :O

Hello again,
As I have already mentioned (several times now), the OH an I are off on holiday Monday night for three weeks traveling around Southern Europe :) I'm so excited but there has been so much to plan and think about which has left me rather nervous in case I forget anything and because there is so much that is out of my control, which, being a control freak, is one of my worst nightmares.
For those of you who don't know, interrailing is a pretty funky way of traveling Europe. You buy a ticket on the interrail website which allows you unlimited travel in nearly all countries in Europe on the train lines. This allows you to go pretty much anywhere you want while your ticket is valid (ours is 22 days). For some trains you pay a small supplement but these can be avoided if you're on a small budget like us.

For our trip we have decided to fly out to Faro in Portugal, from here we will travel into Spain and explore lots of pretty places whilst eating far too much tapas! Then on through the south of France, enjoying cheap wine, pretty views and smelly cheese before finishing our trip in Italy where we will stare longingly at over priced clothes in Milan, be all romantic in Verona and then get even fatter by eating yummy pizza and ice cream in Rome. I. Cannot. Wait!

As I have said, there is an awful lot of planning involved in a trip like this and it takes a while to work out all the things you need to pack into your (uber large and heavy) backpack. So, because I'm a lovely, kind person, I have made a checklist below of what I have packed so that if you want to give interrailing a go, you have a list to help you on your way! (click for a bigger image- hopefully it will work)

Even after this scarily long list, I still found extra things to add such as a toilet roll for those awkward moments you just need to go, a compact sewing kit, a torch, tooth cleaning things (so glad we didn't leave without these) and various other bits so do be aware my list doesn't cover quite everything!

Phew, this is getting to be a long post now.

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I hope my list is helpful and at very least interesting for people to read! Tomorrow I will be uploading a tutorial for the infamous peanut butter cups for those who have been looking forward to some chocolaty goodness :)
Annie x


  1. your checklist is my wet dream,a girl after my own heart!I'm a mad woman when it comes to travelling! have a fab time lovely xxx

  2. Haha, thank you! I'm a mad woman when it comes to planning most things. Bit of a list addict!
    So excited to go now :)
    Annie x

  3. you post has taken me back to 1980 (!) shan't say how old I was then but I am sure you could hazard a guess. Back then you could only buy the ticket for a month. i went with my now hubby and had the most fantastic time.
    Hope youhave a great time

  4. Thank you Wendy :)
    It was only very recently that they changed it so there wasn't a month long ticket, 22 days is the longest you can spend traveling this way now. So we're just staying in Rome a few extra days at the end to extend the trip that little extra bit :)
    Been packing today and just cannot get over how much there is to squeeze in!
    Annie x