29 June 2011

How to pimp a boring shirt!

Hello again!
Today I have spent some time re-designing a much loved but very boring white shirt of mine. Such a simple process but made such a difference!
Here's the how to:
Step one:
First of all I used my trusty quick unpick to remove the boring white buttons (the ones that hadn't fallen off that is!) and marked where they should be placed using a biro- naughty but I couldn't find a more suitable marker!
Step Two:
Now its time to choose some pretty, colourful buttons to put in their place. I chose a selection of pink, purple and red buttons because I wear those colours the most often :)
Step Three:
I then carefully hand sewed the new buttons to the shirt both down the centre and on the sleeves, whilst skillfully avoiding the kitty who had decided that the shirt was a great place to nap...I swear she does this just to make my life difficult sometimes!
Step Four:
Be proud of the newly refurbished white shirt! I also shoved it in the wash with some vanish so that it would be as close to a new shirt as I could make it. I'm very pleased with the finished product and will be wearing it proudly when I go on holiday next week!

Does anyone else have any tips for revamping old, worn out clothes?
Annie x

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