9 November 2011


So, today I am feeling amazingly festive. I know its scarily early to be as excited I am for the christmas period but after a day like today I just can't help it :D
After a week of feeling rubbish due to tonsillitis, I decided to climb out of my pit of illness this morning and do a spot of baking to cheer myself up. The result? A beautiful, fruity, nutty, cinnamon filled christmas cake!
There is nothing more festive than baking a christmas cake I have decided. The smells are wonderful and the ingredients that have to, of course, be bought specially for the occasion each year just scream out winter to me.
I'm now ready to start my shopping, put up the tree and dance around in wooly clothing listening to Slade although I fear that this sort of behaviour may not yet be acceptable. Indeed, my fiancee does not share my enthusiasm at all and insists that celebrating is not allowed until after his birthday on 22nd November. So instead I shall content myself with counting down the days until then and changing my blog background to something a little more festive than should perhaps be allowed this early in November :)
Is anyone else feeling the christmas vibe yet?
Annie x

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