26 January 2012

Simon's Cat

Today, I have to say, has not been the greatest of days.
Once again I have found myself writing a ridiculously wordy essay...with a very low word count and it is driving me a little crazy right now.
And then there was the trip to the doctors, thats right, once again I find myself with some sort of miserable throat-agony-inducing illness and after two weeks of being *very* brave, I decided it was time to go to the doctors and kills the thing.
So here I am, sat in my pit of woe and self pity.
There is only one thing that can provide the much needed cheer needed in this situation, and that is Simon's Cat! Here's a couple of my favourite Simons Cat videos by Simon Tofield.

Simon's Cat in "TV Dinner"

aaaand Simon's Cat in "Snow Business"

These two never fail to make my day :) Back to the essay now though I suppose!


  1. My dad introduced me to Simon's cat and I love it

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  2. i hate that feeling when i'm writing essays. you have such a cute blog though x