2 February 2012

The Ultimate Romantic Gesture

So, with valentines day lurking just around the corner we're all feeling loved up and looking for that special treat for our someone special.
On Tuesday afternoon at work a customer came up to me and asked for my advice. He told me that it was his girlfriends birthday and he wanted to make her feel special so he had come into the supermarket and filled his trolley with lovely treats to feed her. I took a look and I saw that he had:
  • olives
  • stuffed peppers
  • stuffed vine leaves
  • a big loaf of fresh bread
  • a whole Camembert to roast
  • apples to dip
  • thick slices of deli counter ham, chicken and beef
  • a taste the difference savoury tart
  • two GU puddings
  • and a bottle of actual champagne
His question to me? "Do you think she'll like this? Is is special enough?" And I just looked at him (hopefully not looking too agog) and told him that it was one of the loveliest things he could do.

So let this be a lesson to us all, I think we could all learn a little something about romance from this sweet, romantic man :)

What plans do you have for valentines day? And don't you just wish that you had a boyfriend as romantic as this?

Annie x

1 comment:

  1. That's so lovely! My boyfriend and I don't have any concrete plans for Vals day, but I wish he'd do something like this!

    Lola ..x