1 February 2012

The Weekly Wedding Fix #1

Welcome to the first installment of The Weekly Wedding Fix!
This week's board is inspiration for all of the couples out there planning their wedding on a small budget. You can still have that beautiful wedding you always wanted without it costing the world.

1. A beautiful wedding dress need not cost the world. There are many online bridal shops offering great prices for the same dresses that you would find in a boutique. This lovely dress from The Online Gown Shop costs just £139.16 and you will more than save the money that you may need to spend altering the size by buying this way.

2. Much like the bridal gown, cute bridesmaid's dresses can be found very cheaply if you look in the right places. This red dress was found for just £18.99 in the New Look sale. Searching for bridesmaid dresses in high street shop sales is a great way to find dresses that your girls love for a price that isn't daunting.

3. The perfect pair of shoes complete an outfit, but a good pair of heels can prove very expensive, even from high street stores. For a good deal on your favourite branded shoes, why not pay Ebay's Fashion Outlet a visit. Retailers sell off sale and clearance stock here so you can find some truly great bargains this way.

4. Bouquets look beautiful, not matter how simple or elaborate. The cost of flowers can be kept very low by building a simple hand tied bouquet yourself. This reduces the cost to a small bunch of seasonal flowers and any decoration you may wish to add.

5. Everyone expects a cake at a wedding, yet a high quality, beautifully iced cake can cost hundreds of pounds from some suppliers. A much more purse friendly solution is to have a tea party style cake display of homemade offerings. Friends and family will quite likely be more than happy to provide a cake or two, you could even make a day of it, inviting your girls over to have a baking day.

6. Favours, although by no means an essential part of the day, provide guests with a little token to take home from your wedding. Here, if you have the time, you can save lots of money by creating your own. Traditionally sugared almonds are the gift of choice but for a more modern option why not create little homemade treats like these chocolate dipped pretzels for your guests to enjoy.

7. Weddings are a time for celebration, and many people like to indulge in an alcoholic drink to do so. Large jugs or jars containing pre-made cocktails can prove to be very successful, and can also work out cheaper to provide. How about Pimms for a simple and classic cocktail? One bottle of Pimms will stretch a long way when diluted into the classic fruity drink.

8. If a seating plan is in use, then place settings are a necessity. Even the cheapest ready made settings can add up when the number of guests is high. Instead, how about using simple luggage labels tags which can be decorated using stamps or freehand drawings to any design you want.

So there we are, 8 ways to help stretch a small budget and yet still have the beautiful wedding that you dreamt of. I hope I gave you some help :) 
Annie x

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