3 March 2012

A Day in Canterbury :)

Today I've had a lovely day with Daniel. We spend a lot of time in Canterbury at the moment and are indeed going to be moving to the city full time soon but we've never really taken the time to wander around properly and just enjoy the beauty of such a lovely place so thats what we've done today. It was lovely.

This photo shows one of the many reasons that I love Canterbury. This was taken right in the middle of town yet theres areas like this where you could easily be in a little rural village. Its gorgeous.
This little guy was peeping out from a little hidey hole by the bridge. I'm a sucker for small, cute looking animals!

For lunch we found a lovely little cafe in the middle of the old part of town called Venezia. It was a sweet little place and very italian feeling, it made me want to go back to Florence again. And how funky do those candles look amongst the wine bottles? I also loved all the fairy lights and the indoors lamp post :)

Dan, being a connoisseur of fine food decided to go for a large all day breakfast with black coffee, which looked pretty damn good I must say, even if a little unadventurous :P I went for a vegetable feast pizza which they made there from scratch to order. It was amazing and like usual when we eat out, we both ate way too much. I was overly excited that my apple juice came with a curly straw as well!

After filling ourselves up with too much food we picked up a few bits and pieces including some new "sensible" shoes for me to wear so my feet don't get wet when it rains and a new puzzle to sit and battle our way through after too much malibu this evening :)

Time to pop off and try to make a cake using the microwave now, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!
What have you been up to today? Have you been out enjoying the sunshine like us? Does that pizza not look amazing?!
Annie x

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