8 March 2012


The lovely Sophie from The Trinket Box tagged me on her page to answer these questions. Here goes :)

1. What never fails to cheer you up?
One thing that never fails to cheer me up is a long cuddle from Lolly the grumpy kitty. Even when I'm in the depths of despair, her little furry feet and her big bulldozer purr make everything feel better again.

2. If you had to be stuck in a lift with one person, who would it be?
I think Stephen Fry would be a great person to be stuck in a lift with. Chances are we'd have a good laugh and I'd learn some new things from him- such a clever man.

3. What's your guilty pleasure?
I'm not sure I really have any guilty pleasures...I am prone to a little facebook stalking...and I'm pretty keen on chocolate. Do those count?

4. If you could have any talent, what would it be?
If I could have any talent at all then I would love to be able to teleport... But if we're talking about realistic talents, then I would like to be able to use my sewing machine well enough to make all sorts of beautiful things for my home :)

5. Best holiday you've ever had?
Without a doubt the best holiday I've had has to be the interrailing trip Daniel and I took around Mediterranean Europe last July. It was such an amazing experience and we saw some truly beautiful places and great things. Did you know storks make their nests on electricity pylons? I didn't until that trip!

6. Tea or coffee?
Regardless of the fact I am an english rose, I do not like tea one little bit. I'm not a big coffee fan either, I find it gives me a headache because I'm not used to the caffeine. However, I am addicted to peach iced tea. I cannot get enough!

7. What's been your best purchase of the year so far?
My best purchase so far this year has to be my Osprey London handbag. I adore it. What's not to love about dark blue leather, gold studs and faux crocodile effect patterns? I'm also pretty mad about my Elf matte topcoat nail varnish, so brilliant and so cheap. Everyone needs some.

8. What is your life-long ambition/dream?
My lifelong ambition is to become a successful owner of my own business specialising in wedding planning, inspiration workshops and high quality wedding supplies.

9. Best childhood memory?
My best childhood memory is being tucked up in bed one night when I was four, desperately trying to force myself to sleep but I kept having big excited giggles well up inside me because I knew that in several hours time, I would be on my way to Lapland to visit father Christmas.

10. What are your pet hates?
I have a few pet hates. I think I'm rather set in my ways like that. I hate the term "a pop of colour" in fact my stomach is in knots having written it down myself. I also hate it when people wear odd socks (yes Daniel, I mean you) because it makes my head hurt. Another, is when people use words in the wrong context... Or spelt wrong... Or with bad grammar. 

11. Favourite colour to wear? 
Pink! Or gold! I wear lots of warm colours like gold, pink, orange and purple. They keep me feeling happy :)

Now its time to pass it on!
I'm tagging:
Ladybug Cupcakes
Ladies, these are my questions to you.

1. What is it that makes you love your hometown?
2. What is your monday morning routine?
3. What is your biggest fear?
4. Where is your favourite place to spend time?
5. Who is your biggest role model?
6. If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
7. Why did you first start writing your blog?
8. Cats or dogs?
9. What do you love the most about your best friend?
10. Have you ever been given an inspiring piece of advice to live by?
11. Which season is your favourite?

Annie x
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