20 March 2012

Is it Lazy if I'm Still Doing Stuff?...

How is everyone this evening?
I'm chilling out and enjoying having my feet up and my pj's on.
I'm super excited for the next few days. I have no plans what so ever until Friday now. I plan to spend them doing washing, studying for my next essay, reading too many beauty and fashion blogs and doing some major spring cleaning of all my clothes, useless nicknacks and make-up. I haven't had a proper cull of my make-up in over a year now so I'm crazily excited about doing so.
In short, the next couple of days are for me.
My question to you though is, is it lazy to be excited about having no plans until friday and being able to just do what the hell I want, even though I'm still going to be doing stuff?
I've been thinking about this for a while now and I just can't decide :S

Annie x

1 comment:

  1. Definitely not lazy! I love having time at home to get all my little jobs done. :) I had the morning off yesterday because I had doctors before work and I used the time to paint my nails. Not something critical for the house, but I haven't done them since my birthday so they needed doing!

    Enjoy your time off. :) Read my blog from yesterday if you're going to be looking at your wardrobe - it has lots of tips to do with that. :) xxx