28 March 2012

Lets Do Brunch!

I had a wonderful day today. The weather has been glorious here in Bath and the temperature way up into the twenties.
I went into town for the day with one of my best friends and we decided to "do brunch" like proper fancy ladies. There was freshly squeezed orange juice and everything! I also treated myself to some lovely new treats before I start my spending ban at the beginning of April.

yummy brunch and fresh OJ : )

I had yummy smoked bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on muffins

Kassi had eggy bread and smoked bacon stacked with golden syrup : )

All happy together in our summer clothes and make-up

A couple of cheeky buys ;P

I've been wanting a new foundation for a while because I was getting fed up with my beloved Mac Studio Fix because it just feels so heavy on my face. I like my skin to be able to breathe so I shelled out the £27 for the new Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Make-up. Like lots of you other beauty blog ladies, I got a sample of this amazing foundation in the latest issue of Glamour and fell in love with it. I was matched to the one of the lightest shades (1nw1 I think it was) and it really is the perfect match for my skin. I am in love. And just to make things that little extra bit great, the lady on the counter gave me this double ended product for free! One end is their light toned double wear concealer and the other end is a pretty coloured lipgloss. If I'd bought this it would have cost almost £20!
My other little treat was Benefit's The Porefessional. Now, this was sort of an accidental purchase. I have been looking for a good primer for a while but hadn't found one I really liked. Whilst I was waiting for Kassi to faff around for a while I popped to the benefit counter and the lovely lady workingthere today demonstrated the product for me so well and was just *so* lovely and friendly that I found myself coming away with a bottle...and applying for a job with them! (that is definitely strong selling power!) I felt a little better when both me and Kassi left the counter having been sold lovely goodies by the Benefit ladies (Kassi spent more!) and we're going back next month for a makeover session. They also threw in a little sample of their facial emulsion, a lovely deep moisturiser.
And finally, from Boots I just grabbed a pack of eye make-up wipes because I ran out last night. These were good and cheap thank goodness and I paid with my advantage card so it didn't even feel like spending money.
I'll write up some reviews for you lovely people in a few days when I've put them through their paces, but right now I'm so excited about both products : )

What have you done on this lovely day?
Annie x


  1. I would've bought the facewipes to stock up a few extra points on the Boots card.. then you can treat yourself in your spending ban month. ;)

    1. haha, thats a good point Ami, I didn't think of it like that. I still have around £5 of points on there though so if I really feel the need to buy I can :) x

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