28 March 2012

The Weekly Wedding Fix #9

Wednesday again. Doesn't time fly these days?!
This week for the Wedding Fix I have put together a lovely Destination Wedding theme for you in tribute to the beautiful weather that we've been having here in England recently.
Enjoy : )
1. Destination weddings are usually held in a hot location so you need to remember this when choosing a dress. A popular style to for destination weddings a Grecian dress which is very light and floaty. However, I have instead chosen this short, puffball dress as it is a more fun choice and allows you to show off your wonderfully sun kissed legs on your big day. If you're getting wed on a beach, it also avoids getting sand all over the hem of your dress.

2. I love this twist wrap dress from Dessy. The dress can be styled in many different ways to suit all of your bridesmaids and it is available in lots of lovely colours. The material is also easy to care for and will not crinkle easily which is an important consideration for a destination wedding.

3. Guests may become a little over heated if your wedding is held out doors or in a sunny room so these brightly coloured paper fans make the perfect favour for your guests. The handle can also be personalised so that people will always remember your big day.

4. It is likely to be difficult arranging flowers for a destination wedding so instead, why not make use of a beautiful parasol as an alternative option that is ultra feminine and will also keep the sun off your face, avoiding any heat related make-up malfunctions. You can get these in any colour under the sun so you are sure to find a beautiful parasol for you and your girls.

5. Destination weddings bring to mind visions of dreamy fruit cocktails for me and there is a whole host of wonderful options available to you. You could choose a drink that is a popular local choice or go for something more classic. I have chosen the Bahama Mama which is a Jamaican classic and truly delicious.

6. Footwear always provides a little dilemma when abroad I find. For smart occasions I want to wear beautiful shoes but my feet just get so uncomfortable. For a style that is both smart and comfortable, why not consider beautiful floral sandals similar to these from Office? They will stay comfy in the heat all day and allow feet to breathe, whilst still being fitting for the event.

7. To follow on from the theme of travel at your reception, you can make good use of luggage tags or labels as place settings. If you only have a small party of guests, you could even get them specially personalised as an extra touch.

8. The cake is another part of the day that can be problematic to plan from the UK but by rule you should remember that you will not need a large cake because you are likely to have less guests at a destination wedding, and people also have suppressed appetites in hotter weather. It would be wise not to choose a chocolate decorated cake unless you are sure it will be kept in a well air conditioned room until being served and over all. As a different option, why not try a local bakery on your pre-wedding trip to the area and ask them to provide individual cakes or pastries for the wedding.

So there we have a beautiful destination wedding. I hope you enjoyed this one because I loved putting it together.

I'll be back later with some photos of the lovely girls day out I had with my friend Kassi today and what I bought.

Annie x

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