27 March 2012

Beauty Products that I will Never Understand

sorry there was no post up last night, I was zonked after work so just slobbed around for a few hours before an early night.
Now, we all know that there are some truly awful beauty products out there that just shouldn't be on the market. But what really bugs me at the products that are just plain pointless. Some I will just never understand. Here are my top (or should that be bottom) picks for the most pointless beauty products in the world.
Lolly and I disapproving of these pointless products. I seem to literally be made of eye bags in this photo :S

1. Lash Cards. Thats right, you can actually buy packs of cards to stop you getting mascara or make-up all over the place around your eye... Yes it is a great idea to use a little something as a "lash card" but why waste money on a special product to do so when you could easily use a tissue, cardboard tags from clothing, or even the dried up wipe you used to remove your make-up the night before which would work out a whole lot cheaper and save your much needed sanity for other, more useful past times.

2. No-touch Soap Dispensers. Soap cleans hands. Yes. We all know that. We also all know how to wash our hands; either applying the soap to dry hands before then running them under the tap and lathering up, or by wetting hands, then applying soap and lathering up, enjoying the bubbles and getting rid of the grime. Never does the soap part come last, that just wouldn't work would it? Realistically, you are only ever going to touch the soap dispenser when your hands are already dirty so why worry if that little push pump gets germs on it? Or if you pick up a few extra germs from said push pump for that matter, because the whole point of the product inside is to kill those very germs you just picked up. See, useless product!

3. Nail Varnish Wipes. I do own these and I try very hard to like them. But I just can't do it. I admit that they could be handy to take on holiday, but to be honest, why bother? A small pack of around 20-25 are quite expensive to buy, and if you are using a thick, high quality polish you need to use three of them, sometimes four, to get the damn stuff off, and even that takes a hell of a lot of persistent scrubbing (good for the old bingo wings maybe). What I don't understand is why people bother. For £1 you can get a big bottle of normal remover which takes just one or two cotton pads to clear both hands with a lotmore ease and a lot less scrubbing.

4. Seven day moisturiser. This, in itself, is a great concept. If it actually was what it says that it. It would be lovely to only need to moisturise once a week. Yet even though it claims to keep skin soft and moisturised for seven days, you still need to use it every day. Umm... Why? Surely that contradicts itself? Why not just use a normal one that admits that you need to use it each day for the proper effect and save yourself the extra money (you could maybe even save enough to fund the lash card habit...)

Other contenders that drive me bonkers:

  • Bottom lash mascara- can we really not be trusted to get those little pesky hairs with a full sized brush?
  • Lip tattoos- do people know how ridiculous these look? Yes, even you Jessie J.
  • Venetian blind glasses- what exactly is the point of glasses that you can't see through, don't enhance your sight or provide protection from the sun?
  • Stick on eyeshadow- one size really doesn't fit all girls and these crush our creative side.
So these are just some of the more pointless, or (in my mind) useless beauty buys that are on the market. How about you, do you have any products that annoy you like this? what do you think is the most pointless beauty product out there?

Annie x
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  1. Haha I say the same thing about hands free dispensers its ridiculous x

    1. Such a waste of money. You can get them for face products as well now which is just as crazy, I was shocked when I saw one in Boots x

  2. I totally agree on the glasses!! Whenever I see someone wearing them I just think it looks ridiculous!

    1. I know, its crazy, it isn't even like they can see through them! Thats my biggest annoyance haha x