24 March 2012

TK Maxx Mini Splurge

Isn't the weather today amazing? This morning was spent eating cake and drinking squash out in the sunshine, it was bliss. This afternoon my mum and I decided to go and take a look around TK Maxx. I've been looking for a new face powder for a while now, and they usually have some great offers on beauty products. I couldn't help myself and ended up picking up some amazing deals. Here's what I got:
 I love summer shoes and these Blowfish sandals will be perfect for spring and summer. I like how they have great ankle support/ These cost me £10 as apposed to the £40RRP. (In a separate photo because I'm superstitious so couldn't put new shoes on the table.)
I was so excited to find all four of these beauties. As you can see, I found a pressed powder (the very same Calvin Klein one I've been eyeing up online only much cheaper). I also picked up a Calvin Klein liquid eyeliner because my beloved French Connection one got all clogged up and dry. The Tri-pentox eye serum is a seriously exciting find for me, mainly because of the huuuge discount I got on it for such a great make, I can't wait to start using this every night. The trimmer pen I picked up simply because it was cheap and I was fascinated. The idea behind it is that use use the tiny blade to trim hair from small places, such as brows, top lip, toes (Eew! Who would use the same thing on their toes and then their face?!) and generally keep you looking neat. I think I'll use this mainly on the annoying little hairs that seems to be stray around my eyebrows.

Now, here's for my favourite bit. I added up the total RRP for each of these items and then added up how much I actually paid and the difference is actually shocking. Here's the Maths:

Blowfish Sandals- RRP £40, paid £10 = saving £30
CK eyeliner- RRP £15, paid £5 = saving £10
CK face powder- RRP £19, paid £7 = saving £12
Little Trimmer- RRP £10, paid £5 = saving £5
Tri-pentox cream- RRP £45, paid £7 = saving £37
30+10+12+5+37= £95

Thats right, I managed to save myself a massive £95 on the original RRP price. How crazy is that?! I knew I could expect to save money on great products, but even I was impressed at how much. I got £129 worth of products for just £34 so I'm over the moon : )
I shall of course write some reviews of all the beauty bits for you lovely ladies over the next few days. 
I'm off to doll myself up ready for a lovely evening out with Daniel. We're going out for drink and are then heading to Yo Sushi to pop our Yo Sushi cherries! Can't wait.
Annie x


  1. wow that is a bargain and a half! i'm gonna have to go on a lil bargain hunt in tkmaxx myself after reading that! Thanks, great post :)

  2. i just followed you!love your blog!i wanted to find the eye serum to TKMaxx for so long and i never have luck!would you review it after using it for a while?x


    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog :) Yep, I'll put a review up in the next week or two when I've really had a good chance to use it. x