23 March 2012

Nails Inc. Malibu Cocktail Collection

Yesterday I had the excitement of receiving a package containing the three limited edition colours from the Nails Inc. collaboration with Malibu. I was so excited to find these online for just £1.20 each for a full sized pot that I snapped all three up and paid a grand total of £6 for them including postage costs. Bargain.
Now, I'm a big fan of Nails Inc. Malibu and bright colours so why I didn't score some of these when they were readily available I don't know, but I am delighted that they are part of my collection now. They are beautiful colours and also have great names; Malibu Mojito, Malibu Cosmo and Maliblush, named as such because of the limited edition cocktails Malibu released for the summer.
The pots are full sized at 10ml each and rather charmingly, all have "drink Malibu responsibly" printed onto the pack of the pot along with the drink aware url.
These polishes give the great level of coverage you expect from Nails Inc. and in the swatches below, I only applied one coat to get such a good level of opacity. They also dry brilliantly fast so there is no waiting around for hours whilst waving your hands around like a loon waiting for the colour to set. I don't know how long yet they last without chipping but so far, the colour has yet to budge, despite lots of battering.
I love all three of these shades, especially the Malibu Mojito (teal) and I'm pretty sure all three will become my go to summer colours this year.

Do you own the Nails Inc. Cocktail Collection colours? Which shade is your favourite? Is anyone else wanting to sit down in a pub garden and drink malibu with lemonade right now? Because I sure am!
Annie x


  1. Such vibrant colors! I want some!



  2. They look so pretty, I love the combination!

  3. That vibrant blue is beautiful! I LOVE the color combo :)

    1. I know, the blue is gorgeous on. If I was going to recommend just one colour for people to buy it would be the blue. Especially since it goes opaque so easily unlike some :)