23 March 2012

Photo a Week Challenge- Week Nine

Its friday again (yayyy) and that means its time for another photo a week challenge entry.
This week the topic suited me perfectly. Planning.
I plan everything. In fact the book in the photo is my everything book and is filled with lists, plans, notes and general jottings about everything. I write a to do list in there every day, I plan all of the weeks posts for Three Little Buhos, I make note of things I love, I write down my thoughts when my head gets too full, and I add all sorts of other things too. The everything book is a god send!
I have the blogger statistics page open because I love seeing which of my posts are the most popular and which ones my lovely followers aren't interested in so that I can plan my future posts based on what you people like.
And of course there is Lolly the Grumpy Kitty keeping me company because I can't go anywhere or do anything without her following. I took this photo on my bed which is the best place in the world in her eyes, especially since she isn't usually allowed in the room.

Are you one of these people like me who need to plan everything? Or do I seem a little mad for being so overly organized?

Annie x

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  1. AWWW lOLLY!!!!she looks so cute and cozy there!x