23 March 2012

Boots 17 Make-up Haul Reviews

As you will already know if you read this post here, last weekend I went on a bit of a shopping spree...seems to be quite a regular occurrence, and I took advantage of the boots 17 range 3 for 2 offer and picked up these three goodies.
I got one of the limited edition spring florals eye palettes, a blush and glow two tone blusher and a supreme shine lipstick. I've now been using them all week and I have to say that I love all three, and they're excellent quality for so little money.

First lets take a look at the blusher:

As you can see, in the pot, this blusher is two different separate shades. I guess this is so you can achieve two different colours if you like, but I have to say, personally, I think the pot is too small to do that effectively so I just use the two together by sweeping my big blusher brush around a bit.
The colour that the blusher gives is a light, pinky tone that looks really fresh and just adds a touch of colour to cheeks. This is perfect for me because I have such pale skin, but the colour would easily be buildable by just using more of the product.
The swatch on my hand actually looks fairly dark bu thats because I used my finger to apply it, with a brush the tone is a lot more subtle but still holds the same peachy pink tone and a slight shine. I would definitely re-purchase this blusher and might try other shades in the same product.

Now the eye palette:
With this product, I was first drawn in by the beautiful design. The different colours look wonderful together and the effect definitely looks more high end than the price that I paid for it.
The gold, pink and purple eye shadows are all lovely, light colours that work well together and blend into each other well on the eye. Indeed, if you use the right sized brush, it is possible to pick up and use two different colours at once and use the gold as a highlighter and the pink or purple on the actual lid.
The bronze shadow I haven't used yet because it swatches quite dark and I've been feeling in a light, springy mood, but personally, I think Imight try applying it with a large brush as a bronzer on my cheeks as it is a nice shade that would look pretty that way.
As you can see from the swatches, the gold, pink and purple are all light, pastel tones, which are great for every day use. The bronze is a lot darker and more pigmented so should be used with a little more caution! I have been really impressed with the staying power of these shadows. Even after a 9 hour shift at work they looked just as bright as when I applied them, and they did not do that annoying thing where they work their way into a dark line along the crease of the eyelid so I was very happy. I would really recommend this palette, but be quick to buy as it's limited edition!

Finally for the lipstick:
I have been looking for a red lipstick for some time now and when I saw this colour I just had to give it a go. The name isn't very imaginative, something like "hot berry" or "hot red" if I remember rightly but as soon asI saw the colour of the bullet I knew I needed it. In the swatch it looks slightly pink toned but on my lips it is perfectly red. The staying power is very good too, although if you were wearing it for a night out you would need to re-apply once or twice I think. I really like the feel of this lipstick. Unlike some, it doesn't dry out my lips, and after a little while, you can hardly feel that there is any lipstick there. Another great product from 17 that I would buy again.

So those are my three new loves from 17. In the photo above I'm wearing all three, but the bright lips definitely take center stage!

What do you think? Do you own any of these products? Are there any other great 17 cosmetics that I should try?

Annie x

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  1. Lovely haul xx