22 March 2012

Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture Review

The other day I picked up a copy of this month's Marie Clare especially to get hold of this full sized daily moisture by Neals Yard (if you didn't already know, it is the free gift this month and is usually sold for £12). I was really excited to try this out because I love Neals Yard goodies and this product has received a lot of hype.
 This lovely cream is advertised as being perfect to use all over the body, including your face. I held back from trying it out on my face for a few days however, because I was nervous that it might make me break out because my skin is a little prone to breakouts with new products, even though my skin isn't oily or anything. But when I found out that my lovely beauty therapist friend Ami  uses this when she gives facials I pulled myself together and started using it on my face at night because I know Ami only uses the best products.
I'm really glad I started using this. My skin is noticeably softer after a few days of application and it sinks into the skin really well without being greasy or sticky. The scent is soft and natural, and although rose isn't a personal favourite of mine, this isn't over powering and doesn't linger for too long.
My only annoyance at this product is that it's very easy to squeeze too much out to use for just one go but other than that I can't fault it.
Have you tried this moisturiser? What did you think? Do you use any other Neals Yard products that you'd recommend?
Annie x


  1. Awwh, I'm touched that you used it on my recommendation. :) If you're prone to breakouts, their Powerberry or Mahonia face products might be good for you. Powerberry is for young skin, Mahonia is for spotty skin. They do a Powerberry mini kit for £22 which includes face wash, moisturiser and a face mask. Or the Mahonia face wash is £14 - think they only do the face wash in that line.

    If you wanted to try them out, I don't mind using my staff discount to get you them as a first time offer. :)

  2. That would be really great Ami, I'll facebook you about it :) Would all depend on costs really xx