11 March 2012


I hope everyone is having a lovely day in the sun.
I'm personally having a bit of a tough time of it today. I've been struggling a lot recently with motivation, especially when it comes to working for my Wedding and Event planning course and today it all seems to be coming to a head.
I'm writing an essay about organising events for corporate clients and I'm finding it a real struggle to put pen to paper and actually get anything down. This is hard for me because so far, I've never had this trouble before and its coming as a bit of a shock to me. I've always been one of these people who has felt that if you want something enough then you will go out there and get it, yet I want this so so much and still cannot find the motivation within me to force myself through it. I feel like a fourteen year old who spent her whole time trying to avoid doing her homework all over again.
I know there is no deadline for this essay and that you are meant to work through the course a your own rate, but dithering hardly seems productive yet I have no idea what to do as my tutor has given all the help she can, my lovely fiance did his best too and all I seem to be capable of is feeling sorry for myself.

Does anyone else find themselves in a pit like this? Have any of you got any tips on how to drag myself up again? I hate putting such a downer on a Sunday afternoon for such a small problem in the big scheme of things but if anyone has some great advice to help me then its going to be one of you lovely, supportive people.

Annie x
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  1. awww... I've been in this place many times. Although I'm long out of school, sometimes just getting motivated enough to scrub the toilet is hard. {admittedly scrubbing the toilet is more distasteful then schoolwork, but you get the idea}. My suggestion would be to just leave it for a bit. Go take a walk, read a favorite magazine for a while, and when the spirit moves you get back to it.

    Or maybe spend some time on pinterest looking at wedding stuff?? I don't know if that would motivate you or make you puke at this point...

    Good luck!

  2. I always found breaking work up into smaller chunks worked for me. I'd plan in when I was allowed breaks, but it wouldn't be after 30 minutes or anything like that - it was "When I have finished this paragraph." or "When this point is finished." that way if I just got on with it, I could have lots of little breaks. But if I really procrastinated and didn't do the work I just had to sit there.

    1. Same with me!

      I'd give myself really small goals

      - 50 words / 5mins on Twitter
      - 10 words / 10 minute break
      - 1/2 through - £5 treat to something online

      Anything that'll get you through. After a while you'll get back into it and won't need the rewards anymore. Or you can space them even further out so you'll get things done a little faster.

      It's hard to break through that wall, but not impossible! Stick at it! :)