12 April 2012

My Collection- Lipsticks

As a nosey person, I love reading about the make-up that other beauty bloggers have in their collection so I thought it was time to do a series of posts showing you what I have in my beloved kit. First up we have lipsticks. I'm a pretty new when it comes to loving lipsticks. For years I was a big eye make-up girl and only recently have I discovered the fabness of big, bold lips so my collection is pretty small at the moment, and amazingly holds not a single Mac colour! (just wait for the eye shadow post!)
Letes start at the top shall we?

  • First we have a Sally Hansen lipstick in Sunburst. This is a very soft and moisturising lipstick that I picked up as part of a set from Poundland so cost me around 33p. I wear this a lot and also have a back up for when I run out. The colour is a light pink that is good with bright eyes.
  • Virgin Cosmetics lip pencil in Watermelon. This is my oldest lip colour and I wear it if I want a bright yet matte lip colour. Its a fab bright red shade thats a bit retro. I like to wear this most with a pale foundation for a slight 1920's inspired look.
  • MUA shade 6 lipstick. This is new to my collection after reading some really good reviews. For £1 I can't fault it. Another pink shade, quite deep this time that is nice with simple cat eyes for an evening out. I'm not sure yet of the staying power but the colour alone is good enough for me :)
  • 17 Bee Hive. This is another shade I picked up after reading good reviews and it is now one of my very favourites. The formula is lovely and slides on just like a lip balm but with the colour pay off of a lipstick. I can wear this for hours without my lips drying out and its a nice subtle shade thats suitable for work.
  • Damson is a lip crayon from Chit Chat which is a range made excusively for Poundland. I picked this up simply because I liked the colour and didn't expect much but it is a very pigmented deep pink that makes for a bold lip statement. I wear this with neutral coloured eye make-up so it doesn't look too OTT.
  • CoverGirl Tru Shine lipstick in Lilac Shine. I use this colour paired up with a tinted lip gloss most of the time because on its own, the colour is a little too ...lilac... for me on its own. The lipstick is good quality and stays put for quite a while, but I like to warm it up a bit personally with a little redor dark pink.
  • Red Devil from the 17 Supreme Shine range is one of my very favourites. It is a gorgeous deep red that looks stunning with black, smokey eyes for an evening out. It's a little too much for me during the day but I get pretty excited to wear it for going out :) The colour lasts well, doesn't run, and doesn't fade too much even after eating and drinking. Bonus!
  • Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon. I grabbed this in shade No 2 when I found it in Topshop on Oxford Street. When swatched this comes out a totally amazing shade of deep pink that is full of glitter pieces. On my lips on its own its a little too pink but when applied over a red lipstick it looks amazing and the glitter gives it an extra dimension. I am rather disappointed it looks better on my hand than on my lips though.
  • MUA shade 8. This is my darkest lipstick and another glittery offering. I think really this should be another evening colour but as it isn't an overly bright shade of red I think I can just about carry it off during the day. This is another one to wear with pale foundation and cat winged eyeliner for a dainty vintage look. J'adore!
  • Finally, I have this Stila lip colour in Sarah. This is fairly similar in colour to Bee Hive but is more matte so it looks pretty when worn alone or under a shimmery gloss. This colour is great for barely there make-up days or for pairing with statement eyes.
So there's my lipstick stash. Ironically, my very favourite lipstick isn't actually photographed because I've been wearing it today so its in my handbag. Oh well, you get the picture :)

Have you got any of these lipsticks in your collection? Which would you be most likely to wear? What would you like to see in my next collection post?

Annie x

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