11 April 2012

Oops, I Seem to Have Been Shopping Again

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I was so worn out from work I just collapsed when I got home.
Today I seem to have been spending again (oops!) as we took a trip over to Swindon to have a nosey around the outlet centre. I have to say, my main motive for wanting to visit was for one of the country's few "The Cosmetics Company Store" which is Estee Lauder's outlet store and holds brands such as Mac, Estee Lauder, Clinique and Bobbi Brown all at discounted prices, and oh god, it was worth it, I could have spent hundreds there.
I was fairly restrained today, mainly because I have so little money at the moment, but I did treat myself to a few bits and bobs.
A couple of essentials I grabbed in Sainsburys were the Nivea Visage daily essentials 2 in 1 cleanser and toner and facial cleansing wipes. All Nivea Visage is currently buy one get one free in Sainsbury's so you might like to check that out!
In The Body Shop I picked up a Hand Cleanse Gel which is coconut scented and lovely on the hands. Usually antibacterial gels sting and leave my hands dry and icky smelling so this makes a lovely change. I also bought a tube of the Candied Ginger Hand Cream which was part of the christmas line wo was reduced. This will live in my handbag too so that I can perk my hands up during the day. It smells so lovely, just like Christmas time!
Finally, my ultimate treat was the Bobbi Brown Pastel Eye Shadow Palette from The Cosmetics Company Store. This is totally beautiful. I fell in love straight away and at £20 it was a complete bargain.
I will do a full review with swatches of this palette in a little while for you but I just had to show how gorgeous is it inside. I'm in love, and I will use this far more then the Urban Decay Naked palettes that I have been lusting after for ages.
Like I say, I will write a review for the palette and I'll do reviews for the Body Shop goodies too so keep an eye out.

In other exciting news, I am now an iFabbo endorsed beauty blog! I'm really happy about this because it will allow me to get to know other iFabbo beauty bloggers and get keep up to date with blogging events as well as getting in touch with brands about product releases and other exciting things. But what makes me most proud is that it means the lovely iFabbo team have approved me as a credible source of information about beauty products and that they feel my reviews are fair and insightful. So thank you iFabbo, it makes me so happy to know that what I write here is good enough :) I feel truly privileged.

What do you think of my latest buys? Have you ever tried any of these products? Have you ever visited a The Cosmetics Company Store outlet?

Annie x


  1. Oh that Bobbi Brown palette looks lovely! Can't wait to see the colour swatches.

    Congrats on the iFabbo endorsement :)

    Lola ..x

    1. The colours really are amazing, I'll post some swatches tomorrow for you :) And thanks! xx