20 April 2012

Payday Treats!

Thank goodness for payday, eh? It feels nice to have some money in my account again! I spent wayyy too much last month so this time round I am going to try to be good. I have bought myself some payday treats today but for the next four weeks I am going to be as good as I can and only buy essentials...although I will not be held responsible for any TK Maxx or Home Bargains goodies that may happen to fall into my hands!

Today I have treated myself to these goodies:
1. Chocomania Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop: Strictly speaking I bought this last night during the flash sale and paid just £4.39 despite the £9.00 RRP so I regret nothing!

2. E.l.f pressed powder in Ivory: As part of my month of behaving, I have done my shop for this month's beauty bits on e.l.f instead of the usual combination of boots, Benefit and Estee Lauder. My Calvin Klein pressed powder is running out so I actually needed this so I'm not sure it can be classed as a treat?

3. 10 pairs of Thick Natural False Eyelashes: These I needed to buy ready for a play I'm in later in 17th-19th May where I play a flapper girl (FOTD to come on Sunday) and I managed to grab 10 pairs for just over £2 with free delivery. I'm not expecting much from them but I'm looking forward to having some new falsies :)

4. E.l.f Minerals Lipstick in Natural Nymph: Ok, I had no need for this but thats what treats are all about. I've wanted to try the e.l.f mineral lipsticks for a while and I adore this colour.

5. E.l.f Kabuki Face Brush: I have a mini kabuki brush from Bare Minerals and I love how well it applies make-up so I decided to try out the larger one from e.l.f. According to the website this brush is dense enough to apply both liquid and powder products so fingers crossed for a nice, high quality brush.

6. E.l.f Healthy Glow Bronzer in Luminance: I have been on the hunt for a nice fair bronzer that will suit my skin tone for quite a while and this is the lightest I've seen so I thought I'd give it a go for spring :)

7. 12 Nail Art Pens: I picked these up on Ebay for around £7 after trying the Stargazer ones in Just Beauty. I like that there is such a nice range of colours that I can use to make pretty designs. They come a lot cheaper than the Models Own Wah pens but that may reflect in the quality. We'll see! A definite review to come.

So those are my payday treats to myself. Hopefully now I've had my mini splurge I'll be able to be controlled and relatively good for the rest of the month because there truly is nothing else at all that I need!

Have you been treating yourself lately? What have you been buying?

Annie x

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