5 April 2012

Tri-pentox Age Defying Eye Serum Review

I thought I'd do things a little differently today for this review (mainly because I couldn't be bothered to whip out the Nikon to take photos) so we have some cheery looking webcam photos.

Todays review is for the wonder product that is Tri-pentox age defying eye serum which is made with a special formula and included tripeptites. A bit of a mouthful but one hell of a good cream. I've been using this for the last few weeks now, around a month maybe, and the difference it has made is already brilliant. I know I'm a little young to start on age defying products really, but its always better to prevent it early than regret it later so when I saw this in TK Maxx for just £6.99 I simply had to pick it up, especially when the normal RRP is £45.

The applicator is a fancy glass pipet type of affair which I love. I think its kind of pointless for a product where you need to use so little in each application, but it makes it feel all fancy and scientific which pleases me in a strange way. Be careful with this applicator though because it does make it very easy to use too much at once.

(Excuse the blueness of this photo, my webcam isn't the best quality) I apply this product each night after removing my make-up, cleansing and moisturising the rest of my face. The formula is lovely. A really light creamy consistency makes it nice and gentle and it sinks in beautifully when you rub it lightly in small circles (don't get it in the actual eye though, that stings like nothing else in the world!)
Since I've started using this I have really noticed a big difference in the quality of the skin around my eyes. Because I'm such a fair skinned person I have a lot of trouble with dark circles under my eyes but there has been a lot of improvement with these and they have been a lot more subtle and less corpse like.

Over all, I am 100% sold on this product. Whilst I think £45 is steep for an eye cream, it really had done wonderful things for my eyes, it leaves them feeling fresh, hydrated and brighter as well as reducing the appearance of dark bags so I would definitely consider re-buying when I run out. I also recommend looking out for this and other Tri-pentox products in TK Maxx because they do pop up occasionally for amazing prices. A big and smiley thumbs up from Annie for this one.

Have you ever tried this eye serum? Or any other products from the tri-pentox range? Are there any other lovely eye serums that you would recommend?

Annie x


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW!i was looking forward for it,..im going saturday in a few TKMaxxs,i really wanna try it out now!x


    1. Thats ok love, I'm glad it was helpful. Have a good time shopping and send me a link to show me the haul :) xx