8 May 2012

What is Beauty? Guest Post by Maggie

Its tuesday and that means that its time for another guest blog. This week the lovely Maggie from "Finding Myself" is writing for me. Her blog is full of wonderful, insightful posts that you should take a peek at :)
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Anyways, over to Maggie!
Annie x

Hello Three Little Buhos readers!  My name is Maggie and I tell stories & make lists at Finding Myself - a little blog with a lot of honest reflections about myself.  At any rate, not so long ago Annie put out a little feeler post looking for guest bloggers.  Always eager to share, I volunteered.  =)

Annie, being such a fabby girl, took a peek at my blog and gave me a topic she thought I might have something to say about.  So, what's the topic then?  You can't handle the suspense anymore, right?

What My View Of Beauty Is


Well, I have to admit this prompt took a fair amount of thinking over.  As I write this, I'm still thinking about it... what is my view of beauty?!?  Certainly, it's easier for me to determine what my view of beauty isn't.  But, that wasn't the question at all, was it.... Hmm....

To me, beauty is a lot of things.  A great pair of shoes, a great hair day, a compliment from a total stranger.  But a lot of those things are superficial, aren't they?  I mean, it's certainly easy to feel beautiful when people tell you that you are.  When the make-up counter girl finds your perfect shade, when you finally save up enough money for those shoes you've been lusting after for weeks and they look amazing.  

But, more then any of those things, I think beauty is confidence in yourself.  Admittedly, I'm usually lacking in the self-confidence department... Oh, I have my days when I think I'm looking pretty foxy.  But mostly, I feel like I just only look alright.  But, I have a pretty tremendous amount of confidence in my abilities.  I bet if I could look at myself doing some of my favorite activities, I'd get a totally different set of reinforcements to my persona.  

Beauty is good posture & scented body lotion.  A great perfume & someone telling you that you did a good job at work.  A smashing summer nail color & an unexpected surprise in the mail box.  Beauty is deep belly laughs with your best friend & messy sobs when bad news comes.  

So that's my view of beauty.  It's so much more then a great outfit or a perfect face.  More then attitude and positive reinforcement....but I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly...

P.S. I googled "pictures of beauty" and all I got were pages & pages of images of perfect, flawless faces.  Somehow, I just can't agree with that...


  1. thanks for featuring me Annie! =) post looks great!

    1. Thats ok, thanks for writing a great post for me :) xx

  2. Such a cute post!! Loving Your page!! New follow from Blog Hop!! Definitely showing you some love across the social networks :)

    xo, Jersey Girl


    1. Aww thanks so much love. I'm a hop over and take a peek at your blog now! :) xx

  3. Loved reading this, it was really well written and I totally agree with you. I'm still not sure what beauty is, but pictures of flawless faces certainly does not explain it fully. To be honest I think a happy person is beautiful, an unhappy girl with a flawless face does not depict beauty...!
    Great guest post! :)

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.co.uk xxxxx

  4. Great post Maggie. I loved it & totally agree! = )