1 July 2012

Max Factor Flipstick Review

A bit of a late post from me today, I've had a lush evening relaxing and eating melon :)
Today is the last of my week of daily product reviews and I've saved one of my favourites until last. Max Factor Flipsticks have been seen everywhere recently and have a fair bit of hype surrounding them and as a bit of a lipstick junkie who likes two toned lips I simply had to pick one up.
The colour that I went for is Gipsy Red which comes with an orange toned red shade at one end and a bright gold shade at the other.
My first impression was that for £8.49 this was a good value purchase as you get two lipsticks for the price. However, after closer inspection, the bullets are both fairly small so I was a little disappointed. On the up side, the colours have an incredibly good pay off so you need very little with each application to create a very bold effect.
Throughout the whole range the colours have been carefully selected so that they complement each other perfectly and I really think there is a flipstick for most peoples tastes.
The one thing that disappointed me about the Gispy Red flipstick is that whilst the red shade is very heavy and pigmented, the gold shade just isn't quite heavy enough to apply over the top and still give a really bright pay off. However, I've also spent some time playing around with the Bloomy Pink flipstick which my mum picked up a while back and with those colours this isn't a problem so I think its just a fault with the formula of the gold shade.
Possibly my favourite thing about flipsticks is that they are so versatile. From each one you can create four different looks (much like MUA's so called unique lip booms only much better quality...but my hatred of MUA is a whole different story) which means you can create a look for every occasion.

Over all, whilst I think they are a little steep in cost, maybe if they even just knocked 50p off the price making them £7.99 then it would seem better value. But in all honesty, for the quality of the product and the versatility I think that flipsticks are a good investment, especially if you want a lipstick for your handbag instead of carrying around several at once.
What do you think? Over priced or a must have? Have you tried the flipstick collection?
Annie x


  1. This looks great, it would look great for ombre lips! :) It is perhaps a tiny bit pricey though!

    Also, your blog is gorgeous, I love owls so I got a bit excited when I saw your blog banner haha!

    Becky xxx

    1. Aww, thanks, I love hearing when people like the little buhos at the top :P I love owls too.

      I agree, they do work great for ombre lips, Im thinking of trying some of the pink shades :)
      Ima check out your blog now xx

  2. The colours look awesome, but even from the swatch I can tell that the gold would struggle to go over the red! I absolutely love the red shade though. I too think they would be better at £7.99. I think I'd like to try these, but perhaps wouldn't go for this colour after what you said about the gold :)
    Great review! xo

    1. I know, its such a shame really. Luckily I have another gold lipstick I can touch the colour up with but I was definitely expecting better from the gold, Max Factor colours are usually really good.
      I'd recommend Bloomy Pink as a good one to try, both of those shades are lovely and bright and the lighter shade is strong enough to shine through :) And thanks :) xx

  3. the colour looks great but the price is a bit steep. looking forward to see you wearing it! xx

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    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. I didn't know I had the word verification turned on, it doesn't make me verify when I reply to comments. Don't worry about it being in Spanish, I'll take a look anyway, my Spanish should just about stretch that far :) xx

    2. Oops, apparently it was on, but its switched off now! :) xx