17 July 2012

Review- Perfectly Pampered Strawberry Oil Hair Mask

Bath time has always been a time to relax and indulge so what better way than to treat your body to some nice lotions and potions.
Perfectly Pampered Spa Hair Masks by Montange Jeunesse have been designed with this in mind so last night whilst enjoying a bubble bath I gave one a go.
The mask I tried from the range was the Volumizing Strawberry Oil Hair Mask (*) which includes (of course) strawberry oil, marine and plant extracts.
Now, I am very critical of products that you use in the bath, solely because it is a place to relax and I like products to be simple, easy to use, and effective so that I don't spend my down time being peed off with something that is more hassle than it is worth.
I do have to say that things didn't start out great with this mask. Wet hands in the bath mean that slippery plastic foil packets aren't easy to open so I ended up using my teeth to break the top open. This wouldn't be a problem if you happened to keep a pair of scissors next to the bath but somehow I don't think many people do so that is something to be aware of.
My next complaint with the product is that you are instructed to coat the mask over all of your hair, paying particular attention to the roots so that the volume enhancing ingredients are right at the root. Now, unless a)you are a man b)have a cropped bob or c) have a pixi crop this will not cover all of your hair. I have thick hair that falls to my waist and I was only really able to cover my scalp with the contents of the sachet and would have needed another two to cover my full mane. BUT, that said, I have to say that being the shallow, volume full hair lover that I am, I did end up still falling for this product because it has left my hair the softest and shiniest that I have seen it in a very long time. I have definitely been left feeling like the mask has done a world of good to the health of my mane. And as for volume? I have loads! My hair looks full of life, bouncy and very...alive.
(forgive the lack of makeup and the cat mountaineering across my shoulders) This is a quick shot of how my hair looks after being brushed and allowed to just dry of its own devices over night. No products, just a little "jushing" so as you can see, the mask has left a lot of volume at the roots.

I do still stick to my earlier gripes with the packaging and how a little more product would have been helpful but over all, I have been thoroughly impressed and would gladly use Montange Jeunesse hair masks again and again.
You can pick this one up from Fragrance Direct for just 85p.
What do you think? Is this a mask that you would try?
Annie x

*Received from BBU for review but my review is 100% honest.


  1. I need to buy this to get some volume in my hair! :( xx

    1. Its definitely worth a try if volume is something you're looking for. Make sure to get it right to the roots xx

  2. I love hair masques, but I have the similar issue with the thickness of my hair, they hardly even cover the surface so wont cover all my hair. It does look lovely your hair afterwards, ive just used the macadamia masque on mine and it felt amazing xxx

    1. Yeah, its such a shame that so much is needed for thick hair. I've given up covering my whole head with the masks but its definitely worth it around the scalp and roots to get some extra volume and shine. I've wanted to try macadamia for a while now xx

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  4. I hope to try this soon, thnx! I have a hair mask i recently bought from beyas.ca, Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask, I've only used it once but the results are showing and I'm really happy about it!

    1. I love hair masks.
      Moroccan oil is a god send to hair, I bet yours is looking really lovely from using that. I want to try the Macadamia mask soon xx