18 August 2012

Wish Me Luck!

In the morning I'm going for my first shift at LUSH and I'm really looking forward to it.
This weekend LUSH are holding instore parties to show off some of the fab things that are on offer when you book a LUSH party for a birthday/hen do/ girly pamper evening.

There will be lots of demonstrations going on including massage, product demos, emotional brilliance readings, but most excitingly we will be making some of our products as well. I've been told I'll be making Blackberry Bath BOMBs during my shift, and that there will also be be girls making Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and possibly Angels on Bare Skin cleanser.
It will definitely be worth popping in to visit if you're near a LUSH store.

I'll be popping up one last post in the morning before work, but after that I'll be in Mallorca so I can only upload every few days. Bear with me, I'm still about, I promise :)
Annie x