15 August 2012

Over To You!

As I keep harping on about, I fly out to Mallorca for three weeks on Sunday evening.

We're going for a nice relaxed holiday and I plan on carrying on with my blog whilst I'm out there.
My plan is to turn the blog in to a bit of a holiday beauty review site for a few weeks and report back on what I find to be the best products for taking away with you (I've resigned myself to the fact nearly my whole kit is coming out with me!). I'll be reviewing on longevity, caking, the melt factor, and generally letting you know how well products stand up to the heat of the Med.

What I want to know is A) if this is something you will find useful and B) whether you have any requests for what products you'd like to see reviewed. As long as I have them then I will review them for you.

I'm doing this because it would have really helped me with my packing and I like to hope that my posts are useful and interesting for my readers :)

And when I'm not blogging, sun bathing, drinking sangria or shopping I'll be enjoying gorgeous views like this one from the top of San Salvador :D

Like I say, it would be great if you could let me know if theres anything you want reviewed. Are you jetting off anywhere soon? Have you been to Mallorca before?
Annie x


  1. Aww hun I hope you have a great time :) I think that's a great idea, sometimes we buy products for our holiday knowing they are great over here but not so good in the heat.


    1. Thanks love, glad you think its a good idea. Thats my idea exactly tbh, it would be so useful to know what works best in the heat so we dont waste money or end up with nothing useful in our holiday makeup bag! xx