13 August 2012

The Lust List, Birthday Edition

I always find that the month leading up to my birthday I'm always wandering around looking for treats that I would love to receive. There isn't really much I need or want this year, I'm pretty contented with all the lovely things I've got, but these are the few bits that I am lusting after.
1. This pretty swallow jumper is actually from Marks and Spencer. Who would have thought it eh? But I tried this on and loved it straight away. I think I may have found my staple piece for autumn!

2. Bobbi Brown is very much one of my makeup inspirations and her books are a great source of beauty knowledge. I've wanted this book for quite a while now, its full of useful information, application tips, suggestions for how to keep you skin looking fab and also tells you a lot about getting into the makeup artistry business.

3. Unlike most beauty bloggers I haven't been particularly interested in the range from Real Techniques as I already have lots of fab makeup brushes that I'm really loyal to. However, I really need a new blush brush so I think its time to jump on the Real Techniques bandwagon.

4. Ahh, MAC lipsticks. I swear there is something just so beautiful about them. The one I'm lusting madly over is Girl About Town from the Amplified selection. Its a gorgeous bright blue toned pink and looks so striking against fair skin.

5. I saw these shoes blogged about a while back and can't remember who by. They're a cheap £12 dupe of a pair of Ted Baker loafers but they're just as pretty as the real thing. I love golden glitter so how could I resist :)

6. Finally is Nicki Minaj's album, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded. I love her style and her voice is amazing, I'm not really sure why I haven't bought this before, but it is very firmly on the list!

And of course who can forget the obligatory little extras such as chocolate, Topshop panties and anything cute/pretty :D

So those are my birthday lusts. Do you have a birthday coming up soon too? Whats on your lust list at the moment? I'll actually be in Mallorca for my birthday so even if I was to get none of the above, I don't care, the day is going to be amazing and I can't wait :)
Annie x


  1. Great picks - the blush brush is on my list too! It sounds like you're going to have a fab birthday regardless of gifts, but enjoy your day and enjoy the holiday! xx


    1. Ive heard that its a really amazing brush, I think I'll be buying it anyway haha.
      Thanks sweetie :) xx

  2. The blush brush is on my list as well :D I have the stippling brush which is brilliant. Have you ever tried the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleansing Spray? I recently tried it and think it's amazing :)

    1. I haven't got a stippling brush, I use a large face kabuki brush to apply and buff in my foundation and Im so loyal that Ive never tried anything else since getting it haha.
      No, I havent, I use the MAC one at the moment along with their brush shampoo and love that but when it runs out I'll take the tip and give it a look :) xx

  3. I don't have a birthday soon, so I'm looking ahead to christmas already. :D My list is nothing like yours though, I'm actually hoping for a Gecko and everything you need to look after one. :p

    1. Haha, dont blame you.
      I love gecko's, that would be such an amazing present, I'll have to invite myself round to coo over it. Dan wants a snake and I want a cat so we're going to compromise and look into getting a hedgehog as our first pet together :) xx