23 September 2012

Shavata Cocktail Tweezer Review

I am someone who has naturally very large, bushy eyebrows. Its something that Ive been particularly aware of for the last few years, ever since someone made a particularly hurtful comment about them. Now I am pretty obsessive when it comes to brow maintenance and pluck them every couple of days. Tweezers, however, drive me totally mad, some of them are just totally rubbish; too chunky, too long, too blunt, so I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair. And you know what, I think I may have come pretty close this time!
Just before my trip to Mallorca I was lucky enough to be sent a gorgeous pair of tweezers(*) from the cocktail collection by Shavata to review whilst I was on holiday.

Shavata are a company dedicated to brow care and "creating the perfect arch". They have several brow lounges located around the country including a brow studio in Harrods and really do know their stuff.
Tweezers from the cocktail collection are designed to be able to remove patches of unwanted hair quickly and precisely as well as being a fun addition to any the makeup bag. The bright colours and funky patterns actually make me sort of want to keep them on display haha.
The pair I was sent are the passionfruit cocktail(*) and are, as you can see, a fab shade of bright pink with a cocktail glass design on the top. You can also get kiwi cocktail and watermelon. They are a good size and fit well in my hand without getting in the way at all when plucking and they really are true to their word and remove hair effortlessly with good precision. The tips are nice and thin so they can get in beneath hairs with no trouble and without pinching the skin and I found the angle of the point to be great as well. Over all, I really cannot fault them.

Heres a photo of the finished result after using the Shavata cocktail tweezers, I was really impressed. It took so little effort and I managed to create just the shape and thickness I wanted so these are now my tweezers of choice, leaving my Ted Baker pair in second place.
The cocktail collection is exclusive to QVC and can be picked up for £9.95 a pair *here*, they also stock and exclusive cupcake collection! And if you fancy taking a look at the regular collection by Shavata which includes tweezers, false lashers, brow guides, filling kits and other goodies or finding out some more about their brow lounges and studios across the country then you can finde that on their website *here*

Have you ever used Shavata tweezers? Or visited one of the brow studios? Am I the only person here who is this self concious about my eyebrows?
Annie x

(*)These tweezers were sent to me free for review however, my opinions are, as always, 100% honest

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  1. I tend to not care about mine until it's too late and they've got really bad, then I have to go and get them waxed/threaded.. :p
    I've been trying to keep on top of it lately and not let them grow too much because Tom bullies me if I leave it too long!