15 September 2012

The Beauty Junkie's "Light" Travel Makeup Kit

So we all struggle to pack light when it comes to taking makeup on holiday, however, I actually found myself  lying awake at night worrying about what I should take with me, the result? Below is my "light" kit of essentials that I couldn't bear to live without for three weeks.
At the end of the day I decided to just bite the bullet and take all of my favourites and give in to the fact I can't travel light. To make myself feel a little better I tested some of the products on how well they coped in the heat, I also tested how well the waterproof version of my very favourite mascara held up in comparison to its non-waterproof brother so I have a couple of posts lined up to tell you all about my findings :)
What I have learnt from taking so many products with me is that in the heat, I personally tended to keep the base as simple as possible, usually opting for a light application of Garnier BB cream (which I actually hate using in the UK), that a dusting of setting powder is a must, and that lip products tend to get neglected as they can make lips feel a little smothered; instead, the way to boost colour is by using a bright eyeshadow or liner as these feel light enough to be comfortable.
And finally, I was also cool enough to sit with a pad of paper and work out how much my light kit was worth and came to the shocking realisation that I had lugged £315 worth of makeup across to Mallorca with me! I doubt if I'd lost it all, my insurance company would have been too keen on paying that lot back haha.

Are you like me? Or are you harsh enough with yourself to actually manage to pack light? I just couldn't face not having any choice for so long. Does that sound familiar?
Annie x


  1. Omg I would do the same thing! I like feeling comfortable and not have to settle with just anything. Thatis why I bought nice makeup to always feel comfortable! So don't feel bad...garniers bb cream is a horrible choice for warm weather I just did a review on it on my own blog. Anyways I'm looking forward to reading your findings

    1. Glad Im not the only one haha.
      I actually got on pretty well with Garnier in the heat which surprised me, I thought it would be awful...although I did have one awful experience with it as well as the good now I think about it. Ginvera was amazing in the heat so I'll defo be writing about that one :) xx

  2. I get by with mascara (rarely used on holiday because I'm a water babe at heart :p), eyeliner, a gold shimmery eyeshadow, some highlighter and 2-3 coloured lipglosses. That's not just on holiday, that's everywhere I go! The trick is being inventive with their uses - for example I use a dot of bright red lipgloss on each cheek and blend it in to make a rosy blusher. :)

    I do have a more extensive make-up collection at home in a drawer which includes coloured liquid eyeliners and a few extra lipsticks/eyeshadows, but it is very rarely used.