11 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guides- Little BU Nail Polish Review

Its coming to that time when people are getting stressed about all the presents they haven't bought yet so its time for some gift guides. I have 5 lined up for the next 5 days to help you finish off those slightly tougher to choose presents.

Little BU is a brand that is new to me but when I received an email from their PR company telling me about the brand I was instantly excited. Little BU is a range of nail polishes that are non-toxic, odourless and cruelty free (and 100% safe for nail biters!) designed for future fashionistas who are at that age where they are getting into beauty and wanting to start painting their nails.
I was sent two colours to trial; Alexi* which is a beautiful shimmering red (very festive!) and Sofia* which is a lovely deep purple and I have to say that I have been very impressed.
What first struck me when I started applying little BU was that they really are odourless which is due to them being chemical free and also just how good the coverage is. When I was growing up, the first nail varnishes I was allowed were very sheer, watery and to be honest, enough to stop me being interested in nail varnish for a very long time, however these are more or less opaque after just one coat, and the colours are lovely and bright. I'm not a fan of dark colours so Alexi was my personal favourite of the two but there are 12 colours in the range to choose from so I'm sure there will be something to suit all little beauties.

As the polishes are water based there is no need to worry about spillage's on clothes and counters because the polishes wash out completely which is a big plus in my eyes. I'm in my 20s and still end up with splodges on my duvet pretty regularly (I'm a messy person who needs to learn not to paint her nails in bed). The water base also means that the polish is easy to remove from nails. The PR information I received says that they can be washed off nails easily under the tap however I found the wear to actually be a lot better than this and lasted several days. It was easily removed with a very small amount of remover though.

Over all, I was incredibly impressed by both Little BU polishes as well as the concept behind them and think that they make a really sweet, thoughtful present. When I first received them I was slightly put off by the price; at £9.95 for a 9ml bottle they aren't cheap, but after trying them I can see that you are paying for quality as well as bringing happiness to a young beauty fan who otherwise may not have been allowed to paint her nails and show her personality in that way. You can buy Little BU polishes either from Harrods or iluvlittlebu.com

Annie x

*this post contains PR samples however that doesn't affect my opinions which are 100% honest as always

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