31 December 2012

NOTD-New Years Eve Sparkle

Happy New Year guys :) So yeah, tomorrow is 2013, scary eh.

Yesterday I did a spot of sales shopping at TK Maxx and found this gorgeous Butter London set for just £5 and simply had to bring it home. Rude not to I say.

Butter London is one of those brands that I spend a lot of time lusting over but have never really splashed out on, but being pink and sparkly, this stole my heart.

The shade of both the lippy and the nail varnish is Fiddlesticks and as a nail varnish it comes out as a lovely, opaque, one coat coverage fuschia pink. I have to say though that whilst the nail varnish is amazing, I was really disappointed by the lippy; there was hardly any colour pay off and its pretty sticky as well. I might try it over a lipstick next time as a sort of glittery top layer but alone, I found it pretty useless.
But back to the nail varnish!
Isn't it gorgeous? In the photo above I have used two coats of the varnish however I could have easily gotten away with just the one. The colour is completely me and I cannot believe that I haven't come across it before. If you're a fan of Girl About Town by MAC then Fiddlesticks goes with it perfectly for that fun matchy matchy look and thats what I'll be wearing to our party this evening (god knows what with though, the outfit is still a mystery!)

Over all, I think if I had paid £21.00 for this set then I would have been disappointed due to the lippy, but I could totally justify paying the £12 RRP for the nail varnish alone and it is even one of my new top polishes :)

Do you own any Butter London products? Have you had the same experience with the lippys as I have? What's your favourite shade from them?
Annie xx

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  1. Replies
    1. Isnt it pretty. Will defo brighten up a LBD x

  2. I'm stuck on an outfit too - it's fancy dress without a theme! Who doesn't put a theme to save us the trouble?! My fall back is a Green M&M - green nails, green skinnies and a load of chains with a backwards cap. Get the play on words? ;) But I'd like something a little less cop-out if I can think of something.

    1. Haha yep love the play on words. Our theme is suited and booted so nice and sparkly and posh but I have no idea what. Might just scour my warbrobe x

    2. Haha yep love the play on words. Our theme is suited and booted so nice and sparkly and posh but I have no idea what. Might just scour my warbrobe x

  3. Argh, I saw the same set today in my TKMaxx and thought, 'nah'. Now I wanna go rushing back and grab it! Looks fab! x

    1. Ah no thats typical! the nail varnish really is fab xx

  4. I've always wanted to try Butter London, what a bargain!!


  5. I'm not usually one for pink but I'm really coveting that polish. Totally adore your 'love' ring too!

    Allie xo

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