15 January 2013

Little Wishes

With the start of January lots of people write a list of things that they'd like to achieve in the year ahead, sort of a "30 in 2013" thing. I love seeing what's making people happy and what's important to them in life... does that make me nosey I wonder?
Anyways, seeing peoples lists got me thinking about what I'd like to achieve, not just in 2013 because I have no idea on that one, but in life in general and I've written my own list. My list is 50 things that I would like to achieve over my life span, mostly fairly soon, but some in a few years time when I feel like more of a "proper adult". These are my Little Wishes <3

Little Wishes
  1. Learn not to clutter
  2. Visit Paris
  3. Own my first Nars blusher
  4. Stand at the top of a mountain
  5. Write a book
  6. Travel around Mexico
  7. Buy a Ted Baker handbag
  8. Have Three Little Buhos mentioned and linked in a magazine
  9. Learn to make sushi
  10. Go on a spa day with mummy
  11. Learn how to switch off
  12. Paint something a pretty colour
  13. Grow a sunflower
  14. Own a Cath Kidston eiderdown
  15. Make tapas for friends
  16. Learn to swim
  17. Get an owl tattoo
  18. Throw a dinner party
  19. Eat my first macaroon
  20. Cuddle a koala
  21. Take a course in massage
  22. Watch every Almodovar film
  23. Go on a family holiday
  24. Find my signature scent
  25. Find the perfect chocolate brownie recipe
  26. Travel by horse and carriage
  27. Get a professional manicure
  28. Go back to Seville
  29. Adopt a hedgehog
  30. Go glamping
  31. Learn how to make fancy cocktails
  32. Get a professional portrait shoot with Daniel
  33. Cuddle cats for the RSPCA
  34. Go to Disneyland
  35. Plant a cherry tree in our garden
  36. Be taken for a romantic 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant
  37. Find my perfect skin care routine
  38. Own a vintage ring or necklace
  39. Learn to make the perfect paella
  40. Go to the Notting Hill carnival
  41. Attend a really posh ball
  42. See an owl in the wild
  43. Become a mummy
  44. Get one of my photos printed A1 to hang on the wall
  45. See the northern lights
  46. Experience life in America
  47. Take pole dancing lessons
  48. Visit monkeys in the jungle
  49. Have a beautiful wedding
  50. Enjoy my happily ever after
So those are all of my little wishes, some small, some slightly bigger but all super special to me. I'm going to add a page to my blog to keep my list and cross things off as I achieve them if anyone fancies keeping up with what I've managed :)
Do you have a list similar to this? Or have you written a list of goals for 2013? If so then link me because I'd love to see :)
Annie x

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  1. I haven't written one yet, but you've inspired me to. :) It'll have to wait til I get home though - I'm on the clock at work. :p

    Nice list. :) While you're in Tenerife you could go on a trip to Mount Teide which is a volcano, if that would count as standing on top of a mountain!