14 January 2013

This Beauty Blogger Loves...

Big earrings!
I'm not in the most fab of moods today for a mixture of reasons so instead of writing a moany, mopey post I thought I'd share a few photos of something that does make me very happy indeed. Bold lips and big earrings are how I role these days so here's a little look at one of my favourite collections of mine :)

Doesn't the shiny, sparkleyness just make you smile? It does me.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier day.
Annie x

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  1. You have a gorgeous collection! I love the purple stone ones in the first pic.
    Hope you feel better soon! I have followed you on instagram :) xx

  2. Thank you lovely. I hope so too.
    The earrings are from new look they were in the sale so they might still have them :)
    I'll follow you back :) xx