11 January 2013

Finkleberry Candles = Yum

Today has been lovely. I spent some quality time with Daniel (and owned him at bowling), ate delicious food and managed to do some productive stuff too! Good all round I would say.

Today I wanted to tell you about a relatively new brand on my radar but one that has excited me rather a lot.
Finkleberry Candles is a company who make beautiful scented candles. They're based in Virginia but ship worldwide so us peeps in the UK are able to take advantage of the lovely smells too. Every month they also donate 5% of the money made from their their candle sales to a worthy cause which is something that really made me smile.

However, what drew me to Finkleberry candles is their fabulous create your own service. You are given the option to choose your scent (there are 144 to select from!), double up the strength of the scent, choose your colour (13 options!), select the lid style and even name your creation and all for $16.99 (+$1.75 for double shot) which with the current conversion rate is £10.53 :)

When I got in touch with Finkeberry to check that they were happy for me to write this post they were also extra lovely and offered me an exclusive code to share with all my lovely Three Little Buhos readers. All you have to do is type "Annie" in at the checkout to receive 30% off your order.

I really do recommend giving Finkleberry Candles a try. The staff are lovely, the candles are beautiful both in looks and scent and even with international delivery the large create your own cost less than a large Yankee jar so its worth giving a go. Treat yourself.

Annie xx
ps. I thought I should mention that whilst I sound a bit like a fan girl, I wasn't asked to write this post or try the products for review, I just really like them <3


  1. Love the name! I really like candles so will check this out.


    1. Theyre definitely worth a try. I love them :) xx

  2. Hi Annie, Just to let you know I've named your blog as my favourite ever in this blog post http://beautyboxswaps.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/liebster-award.html