6 February 2013

In my Graze Box this Week #2

I was amazed how much of a response there was to last weeks Graze Box post, it seems a lot of you are interested in Graze and what they have to offer so I thought I'd show you for the next few weeks what I get so you can get a good idea of the variety of snacks on offer.

This week my box arrived a day late unfortunately, but to be honest, I'd be tempted to blame the post rather than Graze since I got my dispatch email on the thursday as is normal.
This week was a really good box, and I enjoyed all four of the snacks on offer. So what did I get?

Pear Tatin- First came a mix of pear, almonds, raspberry infused cranberries and yoghurt coated seeds. I was a little apprehensive of this mix because I don't usually like pear when its in its non-dried form but I actually really enjoyed this. Pear is so much nicer dried! But the highlight of this snack was definitely the raspberry infused cranberries, they tasted like sweeties but didn't make me feel like a fattie after eating them. Score!
Yaki Soba- The only savoury snack in this weeks box, which was a slight shame because I love savoury things. The mix was soba peanuts, edamame beans, noodles and chilli flavoured broad beans, so its packed with fibre. The obvious comparison to this snack is bombay mix, but I prefered the seasoning of the yaki soba because I love japanese seasoning and there was also a nice selection of textures to this snack and it kept me nice and full because of the beans and noodles.
Honeycomb Crunch- Oh my goodness this was a good one! A simple mix of almonds, raisins and chocolate coated honeycomb pieces, this did not taste like a healthy choice at all, and more like a treat. I love Crunchie from Cadbury so it was nice to be eating something so similar and knowing I was allowed to haha. The raisins were nice and plump too, not small and seedy so it really felt they were nice quality.
Toffee Apple- This weeks favourite! A very simple snack which is slices of dried granny smith apple with a delicious toffee sauce. The granny smith apple is lovely and sharp and the contrast with the toffee sauce is amazing. And this snack is super low calorie too at just 68! Can't complain about that.

Another good week for Graze, and I was super happy with my box. If you'd be interested in taking a look at Graze and trying a box completely free there is a link on my side bar that will take you straight to their website and hook you up with a free box :)

Do you like the look of this weeks box? Which snack do you think you would have enjoyed the most?
Annie x


  1. ooh yummy yaki soba and toffee apple - i love the korean rice crackers from graze x

    1. I haven't had the rice crackers yet, totally my sort of thing though :) xx