16 February 2013

In my Graze Box This Week #3

Another week and another yummy Graze box delivered straight to me at home :)
This week was a really good one as well, there wasn't anything in there that I wasn't keen on and all four snacks were put on my "like" list on the website.
So what did I get this week?

What really struck me first about this box is that it was nice and balanced with two sweet snacks and two savoury. One thing to note when you sign up to Graze is that there is definitely more sweet snacks than savoury so a quick look at what is on offer is a good idea if you're more of a savoury fan.

Basil and Garlic Pitted Beldi Olives- First up I had a pot of fresh basil and garlic marinaded olives which came complete with a little olive pick. I love love love green olives and the flavour of these was lovely. There were a good amount and they also weren't drowned in oil. Very yummy :)

Pina Colada- One of my favourite cocktails in snack form! This simple snack is a mix of dried coconut, dried mango and coconut flakes. I'm not the biggest fan of dried fruit usually, but I think I may now become hooked on dried pineapple, its so tasty and not too sweet either. The different components tasted really good together and because of the softness to the fruit, the coconut didn't leave the mouth all dry.

Nacho Libre- The other savoury snack in this weeks box, Nacho Libre is a mixture of salsa almonds, cheesy sombreros and jumbo chilli corn. Oh my goodness this one was good, I love a bit of flavour to my food so the little chilli and salsa hit from this snack is right up my street. There isn't enough chilli to make it "hot" but there is a little warmth. This snack is also rich in vitamins and minerals and super low calorie so all round yay!

Cookies and Cream- Last up and this weeks favourite, was the Cookies and Cream snack. This box contained a mix of sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and mini chocolate cookies. I'm a big savoury fan but boy am I a sucker for a chocolate cookie haha. I'm not keen on sunflower seeds but when mixed with the other components they were actually pretty yummy, but the highlight of the litle box was the cookies which were nice and sweet and really yummy when eaten with the hazelnuts.

So over all this box was a really good one and left me excited to see what comes next time. Because I'm on holiday this friday I was able to tell Graze and cancel this weeks box so the next one arrives when I'm home again, definitely a good feature! If you'd like to try a box for free then there is a link in my sidebar that takes you to the Graze website :)
What do you think of this weeks box? Doesn't the cookies and cream snack look good?
Annie x
*ps, I'm away until 17th and this post is scheduled so if you comment and don't get a reply, I promise it's not that I'm ignoring you! <3*

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