25 March 2013

An Everyday Witch: Book Review

First up I want to say sorry that I haven't blogged in a few days now, there's been some pretty major things going on in my private life that have been kind of taking over everything but its time to try and get back to normality so here I am!

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited the the book launch of An Everyday Witch(*), a fiction written by Nicky Marshall.
Nicky is a holistic therapist who runs the company Holistic Insights based near Bath and Bristol. The book follows our heroine, Tabby, who at the start of the book is not in a particularly great place. She finds herself in the hands of a failed marriage, several years of illness and a lot of negative feeling. All she knows is that she needs to make a change in her life.
That change comes in the form of a magical holistic journey where she discovers herself and her power to connect with the world through psychic ability. Opening herself to this whole new world does wonders and helps Tabby move forward and inspires her to love her life. As she does she begins to change her family's life for the better, step on to the dating scene and regain her true identity.
Tabby is a wonderful, well rounded character and right from the beginning of the book she is very easy to relate to as the book lays out her life in a very frank manner, detailing all of the highs and the lows. During reading I found myself really feeling Tabby's pain and joy alike and because of the detailed writing style, really feeling in tune with how Tabby is relating to situations.
When reading, I get very into the story and am prone to getting completely sucked in and An Everyday Witch was so exception. This was a great thing for me as all of the warmth and positive energy Tabby feels as she go through this exciting journey I felt too, and found it an incredibly lifting, inspiring book to read and found that I was left relaxed whenever I put the book down.

Over all I would say this is a lovely book to snuggle down with over the long easter weekend, especially if you are feeling that you're at that point in your life where you just need to make a change and may not know what that needs to be. The writing style is nice and easy to lap up without being boring and all the twists and turns make for interesting reading. In short, give it a read and feel warmed :)

Annie xx
(*)I was sent this book free of charge for review however I have been totally honest in my review, and always will be :)


  1. Awesome review lovely. :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Xx

  2. Really lovely review xx


  3. I hear ya, so many personal things have been taking over my life too! It's great to see that you're getting back to blogging (:
    This book sounds really good, something I may like reading.
    If you have some free time, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post and I have also posted my very first giveaway. (:

    Tailored Seams