17 March 2013

Come on Pay Day, I'm Lusting!

Pay day cannot come soon enough, its been a long time that I've been low on money now due to missing pay cut off etc last month. A proper shopping trip feels like a long lost memory and the enforced spending ban is getting me down so I've been doing a spot of online window shopping for bits and bobs to treat myself to when pay day finally rolls round.
1. It's time to cave in and buy a tangle teezer to try and tame my mane a bit. I have so much hair and it can really hurt trying to force a brush through it so I'm hoping this one makes it a little easier after reading some amazing reviews.

2. I'm a blusher fiend and the blush up brush from the Illamasqua I'mperfection range looks amazing for contouring so it's definitely on my "must buy" list.

3. I promised myself when I was unemployed that I would buy Calvin Klein CK1 Shock with my first pay cheque and that is exactly what I'm going to do. Have you smelt it? It's amazing and I love the street edition bottle!

4. I'm really in to glitter nail varnish at the moment but we all know it's a nightmare to get off. I've heard that the Bourjois 1 Second magic remover works fairly well so I'm thinking of giving it a try.

5. Honey Trap has always been a Lush favourite of mine but since the new formula has come out making it preservative free and a whole lot creamier I just cannot get enough of it.

6. Blowfish shoes are the comfiest I've ever found. I have a pair of their boots and they get me through 8 1/2 hour shifts on my feet ache free so for spring and summer I'd like to invest in a pair or two of their pumps and think these red velvet ones are gorgeous.

7. Finally is the much raved about milk_shake whipped cream leave in conditioner. I've eyed this up lots of times and never bought it but I think I deserve a treat after an uber busy month :)

So thats my lust list this month. What are you looking forward to treating yourself to? Have you got any of these goodies? What do you think of them?
Annie x


  1. I really want to try the milkshake leave-in conditioner! Pop over to my blog and see my march wish list :) here's the link!



    1. Its meant to be really good isn't it.
      Will check out your list now :) xx

  2. My lust list is a little different to yours and I'll be waiting longer than just one pay day for it... I'm saving up for a car. :D My one is on its last legs and I really don't know how much longer its got left - it certainly needs changing before the MOT in November. So we're putting every spare penny into savings and I have my eye on a peugot 206 in moonstone blue. <3 I haven't seen one for sale anywhere yet, but I'm sure when the money is almost there one will pop up. :p


    1. Oh wow, thats a bit of a bigger investment than what I'm after then haha. I'm just going to enjoy this pay cheque and then start staying up next month properly :) xx