2 April 2013

Benefit Feelin' Dandy Perk Me Up Kit

 The beautiful make up from Benefit never fails to entice me, and I think this kit actually has to be my favourite item in my entire makeup collection at the moment. It is so beautifully designed and contains nearly everything I need to be able to do my makeup in the mornings.

 The Feelin' Dandy kit contains a 4ml bottle of both Posie tint lip and cheek stain and High Beam highlighter, a 3g Dandelion blusher cake and a 6.5ml tube of Dandelion lip gloss. As well as this you also get a mini blush brush, a tips and tricks leaflet and a mirror built in to the lid of the kit :)
Each makeup item in the kit is numbered to correspond with the tips in the leaflet. I'll be honest though, the real reason I love this kit is simply that it contains all of my favourite products and means that I can easily use them together, even when I'm on the go.

Feelin' Dandy is the kit designed for fair skin tones and the shades are all pretty, pastel pinks designed to blend together beautifully. I've found myself reaching for this kit nearly every day for the last couple of months and using the Posie tint and Dandelion blusher combination to contour my cheeks and then the High Beam to highlight around my brows. I've never been a huge gloss fan so I haven't been using the Dandelion lip gloss as much, but I have popped a bit on top of my lipstick a few times for a little extra glow :)

At £25.50 I think that the convenience of this kit makes it very worth the investment. At first the bottles look fairly small but even after using them almost daily for several months now, there is still plenty left. Everyone knows that the quality of Benefit makeup is high and a favourite of a lot of makeup junkies like me so all in all, a great quality, very functionable, fairly reasonably priced kit that would make a great gift as well :)

What do you think of the Feelin' Dandy kit? Have you tried any of the perk me up kits? Would the price put you off?
Annie xx


  1. What a gorgeous set! I think if they had a little concealer in there too it would be perfect. Benefit does cost a lot but I've never been disappointed in the quality of products - the tints are fab and I love the dandelion lipgloss too. Lovely post x

    1. A concealer would definitely just complete it perfectly, maybe they'll bring one out with a concealer soon, I guess it would narrow the market down though if one shade didn't suit all xx