14 May 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Collection Scorching Haute Nail Varnish Review

Sunday was a naughty day and I found myself at the MAC counter drooling over all of the pretty colours whilst two of my friends tried to drag me away! Everything is just so pretty and pigmented!
In the end I made two cheeky purchases, both limited edition, and both sooo gorgeous.
The first was the Scorching Haute nail varnish from the Temperature Rising collection.
Scorching Haute is a peautiful bright purple glitter polish and is every bit as pretty on the nails as in the bottle. Its the perfect colour for tanned summer skin!
There is a mixture of fine and slightly larger pieces of glitter floating in a purple base colour and you only need two thin coats to create a great, full cover glitter effect. On top of this I used a single coat of Nails Inc caviar top coat for extra shine and I have to say, I was so happy with the finished effect. They looked perfect.

This second photo was taken this morning after having only painted them yesterday evening and after not having done anything harsh on the hands at all. I was gutted. Two coats of high quality glitter polish, complete with a high quality top coat should not be chipping in under 12 hours, especially when more than half of that time was spent asleep!

These two photos show how my two hands look now, after just one day wearing the nail varnish. I haven't been at work, I haven't done anything such as washing up that would expose them to much water and haven't really done anything out of the usual.
This is my first MAC nail varnish and I have to say that I won't be spending the money on another because I've just been so disappointed. I have always been a big MAC fan, as you will know from all my reviews, but this has really knocked my faith in the quality of their formulas a little. Such a shame.
Scorching Haute cost me £11 and is a limited edition product so if you do fancy giving it a go then get in there fast.
Annie xx


  1. Aww, that is such a shame - it's such a pretty colour! xx

  2. I know. Im gutted because I love the colour so much xx

  3. I would be so disappointed if this happened! Such a shame as it's a beautiful colour xx