10 July 2013

Laser Hair Removal- the Way Forward?

Summer is always a bit of a tough one for me.
You see, I have incredibly sore, eczema prone legs that cry if I so much as point a razor at them, let alone bring the two together. Over the years I've tried several different things including shaving, various creams and waxing but every time I end up with areas of horrible sore, itchy skin that I scratch in my sleep and make bleed. It makes me really self conscious.
Because of this I've been taking a look at other, longer lasting options that, despite potentially causing temporary problems at the time, in the long run will save me a lot of distress and discomfort.

My case is quite extreme, I know that, but there are lots of draws when it comes to Laser Hair Removal, especially during the summer. Its a nightmare trying to remain hair free in a small tent during festival season, or in a tiny caravan toilet at the seaside and don't get me started on the embarrassment of having your razor taken away at airport security. It's also always embarrassing to spot that you've missed a tiny patch of hair right in the middle of your shin when you're out and can't do anything about it. The thought of not having to worry about any of these and just getting on and enjoying the summer (or winter for that matter) is pretty good to me!

I know some people may be put off by the price of laser hair removal treatment but when I take into account how much money I spend on razors, eczema creams and other hair removal products combined with the benefit I'll feel through not being ashamed of my legs I think its more than worth it.

What do you think? Is hair removal treatment something that you'd ever consider? Or have you tried it already?

Annie xx


  1. I've considered getting laser hair removal. I have dark hair and it grows back very quickly. I think it would be a good option for me!

    xo, Pareasa
    The FAB Journal

    1. My hair is fairly dark too, so I'm very aware of it when it starts to grow back. I think its a good way to go for me too xx

  2. I definitely like the idea of it as something to do eventually! I would really have to do my research first though.

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