8 July 2013

My Happy Place

Ok, so I admit it, I was meant to post a review of the No 7 Instant Radiance Foundation today really but I just didn't fancy writing about it whilst my mind is melting from the heat so I thought I'd give you a little nosey at my happy place; my dressing table.
It sounds sad but I really do love my dressing table a stupid amount. It holds all of my favourite things and I've spent a lot of time getting it looking pretty and being totally functional at the same time.
This stand is actually a cupcake stand that I "borrowed" from my mum that apparently belonged to my great grandma. Its really pretty and delicate with glass shelves and I love how my perfumes all twinkle away sat on it.
The bottom shelf is quick to grab skin care that I use every day and the two little wooden pots are rare little gems from B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful, which is the makeup company Lush used to own, and so is the green pot at the moment. I'm a proud mummy to them haha.
Moving along the desk I have my big basket of skin care and random essentials. I'm a fan of open storage because its so easy to grab without having to root around in cupboards but it has to be neat and tidy which is where the basket comes in :) There's also my No 7 light up mirror.
Finally, on the right hand side I keep my most reached for jewellery in the pretty mirrored drawers which were a christmas present along with my makeup brush stash, tangle teezer and prized collection of rare Lush perfumes (I'm a Lush collector haha)
Tucked underneath the desk is my makeup stash which is split into different categories so that its nice and easy to find. I use the Ikea Helmer drawers and love them. The drawers have a nice large surface area so things don't need to be stacked too much and don't get forgotten about :)

Ta da, thats my happy place :) As you can see, I love lots of little pretty bits and pieces surrounding me. They make me smile. Everything is nice and easy to get to though and has its set place. I get a lot of joy from re-organising and tidying my dressing table. Simple minds eh ;P

Where is your happy place? Do you enjoying sorting through all your bits and pieces too? If you've posted something similar, I'd love to have a nosey :)

Annie xx

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  1. i am really captivated and inspired by how organized your table and your drawers are. it tells a lot about the kind of person you are, which is a responsible one