20 July 2013

Reaching for Recently

Oh my goodness it's been hot here! Living in the south west we've been getting the hottest of hot weather and boy it makes makeup choices tricky. I'm really not used to having my makeup slide off my face in the UK but some products just haven't been able to hack it!
With a little experimentation though I've found these products to all be fab, even in the heat and beating sun.
Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream- Foundation has been the biggest problem in the heat because most have just made my skin feel clogged or have just slid off but the Ginvera BB cream has held its own. I've been using it because of the good coverage, SPF 30 (definitely essential right now) and because, being from Singapore, the formula is able to stand up to heat and humidity.
MAC Coppertone Blusher- I use this as a bronzer rather than a blush and just use  little to contour cheeks and add definition but the colour is gorgeous in the sun and I find MAC powders are the best for being long lasting but weightless on the skin.
MAC Lightscapade Skin Finish- This is a product that I've loved since purchasing but as someone whos a little hooked on highlighters, it can tend to be a little neglected. In the same way as Coppertone, the powder feels weightless on the skin but sits beautifully and lasts for hours. I use this around the outer corners of my eyes, along cheek bones and down the centre of my nose to highlight...and it also helps keep my foundation on!
MAC Painterly Paint Pot- Always a staple product for me. I've found that more than ever I've been needing something to keep eyeshadow sat in place and MAC paint pots are simply unbeatable, especially Painterly as it also evens out colour and conceals dark circles.
Lush Strong Lipstick- The whole Lush Emotional Brilliance range has been really good through the heat actually. I find the colours stay in place, don't dry out and also don't spread half way across my face if I get sweaty. I've been wearing Strong a lot because the warm toned red is really pretty and on trend. The long lasting formula also really helps when you need to constantly be drinking water but don't have time to re-apply constantly :p
Lush Sophisticated Eyeshadow- Another Emotional Brilliance colour! Sophisticated is a soft, shimmery colour that is really easy to wear and I've been loving it just with a little mascara for a quick and effortless look that stays in place.
17 Lip Liner- One final staple has been a clear, slightly illuminating lip liner that stops lipstick from feathering across my face from excess heat. This one was really cheap but works just as well as others I've tried and for me, that makes it a winner!
Worn together, I think these items work really well and create a soft, fresh faced look thats easy to maintain in the heat.
One thing that I've really noticed though is that MAC seems to be an unbeatable brand in this weather, which only makes me love it more :)
Have you found your makeup routine has suffered in the sun? What products have you been reaching for most? Or have you been braving a bare faced look like I wish I was brave enough to?
Annie xx


  1. You're as pretty as a picture! And flawlessly gorgeous this summer!

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  2. Luckily, I've not had to leave the house so I've managed to get away with a bare face while the heat is unbearable. The one time I had to go to the shops I literally just went with Collection's face powder (the only brand pale enough for my skin), 17 eyeliner (which didn't run and I handle it better than some other types), my 17 babydoll mascara (another gem I found), No 7 lip crayon has also been a dream as it goes and feels like a cross between a balm and a lipstick so gives a bit of colour but also keeps my lips moiturised as I find they dry out in the heat and all the ice lollies!) and a quick shimmer of a bronze MUA shadow; sometimes the cheaper brands do work better I've noticed. However, I'm looking to go to Athens next year and maybe somewhere else so I've been getting tips of what makeup will be good in the heat then and it seems I need to get some Lush and Mac products in! Also that foundation looks amazing and I'm sure the green tea formula is great for the skin. Where did you get that from as I'd definitely like to give it a try myself. :) Thanks for this post! :) xx