26 July 2013

July's Pay Day Treats!

Another payday passing means another little shopping trip for Annie! Shopping is definitely more fun if you've been waiting all month before treating yourself to a mini splurge.
This month I've been fairly well behaved and not bought too much (being strict with myself may be starting to pay off?!?) but I do love the things I have bought.
My first stop off was to a gorgeous little boutique that I've actually not been into before called Traffic People where I picked up the earrings in the photo above and the necklace in the photo below. My friend and I actually stumbled upon the store on our way to get sushi but I'm so glad we did, it's a little gem full of pretty things (@Trafficppl on twitter if you want to find them and say hi!) As well as selling pretty, unique styles of jewellery they also sell pretty dresses and accessories. New favourite shop for sure!
I paid £10 each for the earrings and necklace which I'm happy with. I liked the earrings so much that I actually wore them straight away and the necklace has been worn today so I'm thinking cost per wear is going to make both items pretty fab value for money.
Next we called into Lush where I picked up a couple of bits that I was running out of. I also finally grabbed a small bottle of Flowers Barrow which is from the Gorilla Perfume range and is a quintessentially English scent built up of rose, geranium, blackcurrant, chamomile as well as a blend of herbs. What I love about Lush perfume is that the high concentration of essential oils in the blend mean that the perfume sits uniquely on each persons skin and smells different to on everyone else so its like wearing my own special scent. The size I bought retails for £14.
On down to Accessorize where I picked up these two sweet little rings in the sale for just £3 for the two. It was the peace ring that drew me in because although it doesn't show from the photo, the stones are actually a pretty milky white and glow almost like opals do. Pretty!
Our final stop was Urban Outfitters. I have wanted this cat cup for months now and just couldn't justify it for anything but when I saw that it was in the sale for £4 I had to bring it home. I'm actually using it to store my shorter makeup brushes because the large Cath Kidston vase I bought last month in the sale is fairly tall and some of the brushes had been lost in the depths. £4 well spent I feel!

So that is this months little haul. I think I was fairly restrained to be honest. I did also spend £6 on a pair of shoes from Asda but I forgot to take a photo of those, oops!
What have you been buying with this months wages? Anything fun?
Tomorrows post is one for my mummy followers, the perfect little holiday kit for young ones so be sure to take a look!
Annie xx