2 October 2013

A Very Lush Christmas #2 The Penguin

Today has been nothing but illness and drama so I'm afraid this is a lot later than planned. I'm now sat in bed forcing down throat sweets with my scented candles on the go to make myself feel a bit calmer.
Todays little peek is at one of the cutest Christmas products in this years range, a bubble bar, simply named The Penguin.
Isn't he just adorable? This sweet little guy is full of orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil so you get a lovely warming, festive scent to your bath. The design inspiration behind this cute bubble bar actually comes from the smallest breed of penguins in the world who are blue and found in the south of Australia.
Whilst it makes me feel like a really mean person crumbling The Penguin into my bath, the bubbles produced are gorgeous. The mixture used to create the white part of the bar are made using what's known as bubble crumble, which has extra cream of tartar added to give softer, foamier bubbles (especially good for people living in hard water areas like I do)

I think the penguin makes a great little add-on gift, stocking filler or treat for a cold, rainy winters evening although I can't promise that you won't feel guilty breaking him apart!

Tomorrow I have a product that is making a welcome return from last year and I'll be honest, it may be my complete favourite ;p
Annie xx


  1. That is so adorable! I haven't checked out their Christmas range yet, definitely need to get myself to a shop!

  2. so cute!! follow each other on GFC?

    Let me know!

  3. I deffo want to pick up one of these cute lil guys when they hit the stores! (:

    L x

  4. I got very excited when I saw these in Guildford :P x