15 October 2013

A Very Lush Christmas #4 Gold FUN!

A product that I was maybe a little apprehensive to see as part of the Christmas range, Gold FUN is a product that I thought I might have a love hate relationship with. I've never been a big fan of FUN as I find it has a tendency to break apart a little bit and leave "crumbs" which bug me. I also found that when wet the original formula had a bit of an...oozy problem. BUT, thnkfully, so far, I've found that with the new gold FUN these haven't actually been an issue so I actually love it!
The golden play dough like product is made using the same base as other FUN products which is built up of a blend of talc, corn flour and glycerine which are all beautifully gentle and are what make FUN such a child friendly product to wash with, and they all also happen to be ingredients perfect for eczema prone skin like mine which gets really bad in the winter. What I like most about gold FUN though is that it is scented with my favourite Lush smell; Honey I Washed the Kids which is a soft caramel honey aroma which works really well with such a soft, relaxing product.
The soft doughy texture makes it nice and easy to break a piece of FUN off of the bar before stowing the bar away somewhere dry (important because otherwise it will go a bit gloopy from the wet!) and it can be used for all sorts of different things. Uses I've tried have been showering, hair washing, bath bubbles, soap and shaving my legs but I've heard of people using FUN as a face mask, to wash clothes, and even as washing up liquid.

Whilst FUN will never be my favourite Lush product, I do really like the golden FUN bar and I think that some of the bigger problems I had with it have been fixed. I think it will make a lovely little stocking filler or secret santa gift and is fab for children who, from my experience, love squidging it and making a bit of a mess with soapy play dough :)

Annie xx