17 January 2014

Clinique Spot Solutions Gel Recap

In March last year I posted a review of the Clinique Spot Solutions Spot Treatment Gel (ridiculously long name I know!) which I picked up whilst on holiday in Tenerife. For a couple of months I used it religiously before kind of forgetting all about it in the summer. When it got to November and my skin started to get a bit grumpy again I dug this little gem back out and have been loving it ever since so I thought I'd do a little recap.
The Spot Treatment Gel is designed to battle blemishes fast by drying them out, reducing redness and swelling all in one little dab. All you do is use  clean finger and dab a little of the clear gel onto the skin and pat it in for a few seconds. The gel dries and creates an invisible barrier on the skin to protect the area and slowly it sinks in, all the while, the active ingredients tackle redness and swelling and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of the blemish before the day is through which when you're as self conscious as I am, is a god sent!
I pop this onto any visible spots or areas where I can feel something brewing under the surface before bed as I take my makeup off and by the morning I usually find that the offending area is looking much better and is left a lot more manageable when it come to concealing.
As I said in my original post, at £13.50 (now £14.00) for 15ml this product doesn't come cheap however I have been using this now daily for a good few months and I still have over half of the bottle left so when it's broken down into cost per use it's actually very reasonable. Back in my original review I mentioned that whilst I liked this product there were others I preferred, however, I now disagree and find that I never reach for anything else on bad skin days.
Have you tried this product? What do you reach for to battle your blemishes?
Annie xx

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