27 June 2011

Hugh ♥

Hello again,
Now as you may or may not already know, I have recently become a complete House junky. Cannot get enough of that show right now! Currently on season five and fast nearly the point of having to wait for season seven to be released on DVD (damn you lack of Sky!).
But this new obsession has come to be during a very fortunate period of time for any Hugh Laurie fan (uber yay!) as he has just released an album; "Let Them Talk". I bought the album for my mummykins for her birthday thinking it wouldn't be my sort of music and that it wouldn't be one for me to steal, but after having a listen myself, I love it. Such a raw, relaxing album to listen to. It has been slated by lots of people but I'm mad for it at the moment :) Definitely one that I would recommend (and he sings in his sexy House voice :P)
Anyways, enough fangirl type talk now. Here's a video of him singing the title song "Let Them Talk" beautifully, live... somewhere :)

So good :) What do you think?
Annie x


  1. Iv'e never watched House, and iv'e never heard him sing! Got to say he's good xx

  2. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by how good he was, I didn't think he was the singing type. I would also definitely recommend House, great program.
    Annie x