12 January 2012

Falling Star

Hello there,
Whilst I have been enjoying my new found freedom since promising myself that I would spend more time relaxing I have found myself spending hours at a time sat reading from my kindle. And I love it.
I've never been ashamed to say that I enjoy a bit of chick lit and wonderfully, I have found that in the kindle store on amazon because, I assume, that much of it is classed as trashy and very low brow, you can pick up a good chick lit book for very little, some are even free to download which suits my small budget perfectly well!
The other day I found myself downloading a free edition of "Falling Star" written by Diana Dempsey. I figured that as it was free it would be worth a shot, however, I found myself really enjoying it. The story revolves around Natalie Daniels, a 40 year old news anchor working in LA who finds herself at risk of loosing her job to a new, younger, sexier model due to a new company manager. On top of this she is battling her way through a tough divorce from her cheat of a husband.
All I can say is that, despite sounding less than inspiring, it is well worth a read, especially for no cost; what is there to lose? I particularly liked the high level of description the author gave throughout the book and found it really interesting reading about the workings of a television studio. The characters were pretty addictive too!
Read it and let me know what you think :) I'm off to see what other bargains I can find on amazon.
Annie x

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